30th March 2020 – THANKFUL…

This morning’s sunrise reminded me of life at the moment…a lot of it feels kinda grey. But then there are these amazingly precious moment; moments that remind us of how much we have to be THANKFUL for… Start your day with a thankful heart…it will change the view of your world… Stay safe, be kind, […]

Love, light & kindness…

In the darkness…Be kind In the darkness…reach out In the darkness…check in The world needs your love, light & kindness to shine thru these crazy times   Buy Now  

The assurance of the SUNRISE…

Today I woke to a new reality…no work; but I also woke to a beautiful SUNRISE, & the PEACE that I find in NATURE… I’m not sure the world has ever felt this uncertain to me, or to many that I know, but in the midst of such uncertainty, I’m reminded, each day, that the […]

Just breathe…


Buy Now Just Breathe… Life feels overwhelming, It’s clouds consume But I awake to colour Colour, that lights the clouds; That shines thru the clouds A reminder to breathe, A reminder that all will be ok  

Friday 28 Oct 2016


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